Collaboration Improved
Arc helps businesses improve their workflows by making enterprise file-sharing and collaboration faster, easier, and more secure.
Arc gives you the ability to share native content that resides in your content management systems or native Windows folders directly through a web portal to users outside your company in a way that is fast, easy, and secure.
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The Old Way

SharePoint and cloud-based software contains a wealth of documentation that is constantly being downloaded and emailed to partners, customers, or prospects, disconnecting this information from the source.
The result is endless copies of outdated content living in employees’, partners’, and customers’ computers and inboxes — or worse, on external desktops.
Each time a hand-off occurs, the chain of edits is broken and it’s extremely difficult to tell which copy is most up-to-date.
The problem becomes exponentially more complex when files exist in multiple content management systems or portals, or when they travel through tiers of partners being updated frequently along the way.

The Arc Way

no_cloud Safer Collaboration With Arc, your files never leave your control. There is no cloud, third-party server, external website, or emailed content. Arc can also prevent recipients from editing, printing, or sharing documents you’ve shared.

SP_icon SharePoint Plugin Arc allows you to share content to a third party directly from your SharePoint libraries. The native file can then be securely accessed through the Arc portal, without the recipient having access to your SharePoint site.

windows Windows Plugin Sharing is convenient and safe with Arc because users can share content directly from their Windows desktop or network, while taking advantage of Arc’s comprehensive auditing and security.