Visualizing Data Breaches Shows Immense Scale

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What does a data breach look like? That question may have been answered with this impressive interactive bubble chart. Not only does the visualization lend scale to the real size of the issues at hand, it provides a few key takeaways summarized below.

data breach screenshot

There are more high profile data breaches now than ever before
2014 has been a difficult year for companies affected by data breaches. Not only are these high-profile issues affecting every industry, they are hitting the front pages of local and national media outlets. As more customers become selective in their online dealings, companies may need to proactively provide protection to stay competitive.

The cloud can be a dangerous place
More data is living in the cloud each day. Unfortunately, companies are learning the hard way that this new technology comes with a host of privacy and security holes. Data that is out of the organization’s control is bound to end up in the wrong hands.

Mobile devices may be aggravating the problem
Proliferation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and cloud-based storage solutions means the corporation has less control over day-to-day employee data exchanges. Clearly, implementing automated policies and procedures for file-sharing and collaboration is a key step many companies are missing today.

Few companies – large or small – have figured out how to prevent data breaches
If the chart tells us anything, it’s that there is no silver bullet to guard against data breaches due to hackers, malicious employees, or simple human error. Having a secure file storage and collaboration system is the most important first step in combatting data breaches and maintaining customer confidence in your ability to deliver on the promise of privacy.

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