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Three Mobile Device Management Realities

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  It’s time to upgrade your company’s mobile infrastructure. Before you make the investment, familiarize yourself with some of the high-level issues you may face when making the transition. You Will Only Upgrade Some of Your Mobile Infrastructure It’s common to start an upgrade with certain key employees for budget’s and sanity’s sake. It is also possible that only certain…

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The Most Painful Document Versioning Scenarios

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Collaboration in the digital workplace is the new norm. With many employees often contributing to a single file, version control has been a management pain point for the last two decades. Oddly enough, while the problem has gotten more complex, the solutions have not. Here’s our list of the most common versioning scenarios that cause organizational headaches and network inefficiencies….

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Read Your Cloud Storage Terms of Use and Prepare to Be Shocked

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Before you endorse an on or off-premises file collaboration solution, be sure to read the terms of use and privacy policy pages. What you find may save you time and prevent legal exposure. And if you are already aware of the potential downside to these multiplying solutions, keep in mind that your employees may not be. Check out our recent…

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Is This Starbucks Secure? Remote Wi-Fi Network Security Checklist

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Helping your employees understand how to keep company files secure is a big task. Simple decisions they make while on the road can mean the difference between another day on the job or a privacy gaffe. Aside from implementing a secure collaboration solution, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest security to-dos. Turn off File-sharing While it may sound straightforward…

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Rogue Enterprise File-sharing Systems and the Parable of Netflix

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Your company has established file-sharing systems and protocols. You provide ample training time for your employees on said systems and protocols. You think that you have done everything you can and that now your corporate files will be secure. There’s just one problem: in spite of all of the work you’ve done, the majority of your employees are still using…

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