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Industry Alert: Law Firms Pressured to Boost Data Security

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In the wake of massive public data breaches like Heartbleed, law firms are moving quickly to address data security and the policies that govern it. The sensitive data stored on servers and in the daily communications of law practices are alluring target for data bandits, who bank on acquiring specialized information for sale or misuse. Law firms that cannot quickly…

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Why Your Company Should be Wary of Google Drive

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When it comes time to find a cloud-based file storage solution, Google Drive may seem like an obvious choice. However, there are a few key issues that make Google Drive a problem for businesses. What’s So Great about Drive? Google Drive is easy to use and, from an investment standpoint, relatively cheap for a company. Drive makes collaboration between departments…

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Heartbleed Proves When It Comes to Data Security, Good Enough Is Not Good Enough

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  Heartbleed, a bug in the design of OpenSSL, exposed the private data of millions of users and thousands of businesses. Many businesses use services affected by Heartbleed to transfer sensitive data. Heartbleed proves that when it comes to data security, good enough is not good enough. To be specific, Heartbleed is a security bug in OpenSSL. OpenSSL is a…

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Three Simple Ways to Demolish Your Silos

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  Siloization. In the modern organization, everyone seems to complain about the invisible barriers that prevent collaboration, yet no one ever seems to offer a solution. Often breaking down silos is as simple as implementing tools that reduce friction and the “policy and procedure crush.” File Transfer Software. Invest in high quality and secure file transfer software. Your employees need to…

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