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Must-Know Takeaways from the ITA Security Symposium 2014

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The Illinois Technology Association is known for bringing the who’s who of tech and entrepreneurship together for periodic discussions on important issues. Executives take note: The latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report shows an over 200% increase in data breaches in the past year alone. When we heard that the ITA was holding their first ever Security Symposium to address…

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Executives Take Note: Customers Searching for Answers to Data Security

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Interest in cyber crime is at an all-time high. According to Google Trends, US-based searches for information on cyber crime have peaked due to the recent increase in mainstream media reporting on major data breaches and the growing use of retail and B2B ecommerce platforms. Executives take note: the trend of interest in cyber crime shows no sign of slowing…

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The Top New Ways Employees Are Collaborating Online

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Digital collaboration promises to keep employees working smarter for decades to come. With recent advances in storage, bandwidth, and cloud-based software, there are now more choices for collaboration than ever. Ease-of-use for the end user often dictates which tools are used, and these technologies are advancing at such a startling rate that most IT departments can’t keep up. Here’s a…

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Box and Dropbox Expose User Data Putting Your Employees and Company at Risk

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Employees are using insecure solutions to share sensitive private data, and the security cracks are getting bigger every day. It is now known that Box and Dropbox have exposed documents such as tax returns, mortgage applications, and personal finance information due to weak default security configurations combined with user error. Noted security blogger Graham Cluley recently stated, “If you are…

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The Definitive Data-Sharing Vulnerability Questionnaire for CEOs

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The recent resignation of Target’s CEO Gregg Steinhafel has prompted a global discussion on the security of sensitive data. From retail chains to law offices, the conversation has moved from the server room to the boardroom and many are speculating that the infamous Target breach of over 40 million customer credit card numbers could have been prevented by asking some…

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Dropbox and HIPAA Compliance – How to Protect Your Organization from Liability

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Implementing security standards for electronic systems has never been more important for companies working with medical data. From insurance providers to hospital systems, protecting patient information in an increasingly complex environment is an uphill battle. The rise in popularity amongst individual users of simple, cloud-based file collaboration and backup platforms like Dropbox poses a serious threat to compliance. Dropbox notes…

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