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Five Questions to Ask When Evaluating Cloud Storage Solutions

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Directing the use of technology in corporations – large or small – has never been more challenging. Low barriers to entry and a wash of venture capital investment into enterprise computing mean there are more solutions to evaluate for even minor investments. Cloud computing has become one of the most crowded tech solutions spaces in recent years. Cost savings, ease…

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A Data Breach Today Could Cost You Millions

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The risks of operating a business without secure document storage and collaboration workflows are increasing quickly. With more frequent data breaches occurring due to human error and malicious hackers, businesses small and large have no choice but to take note: It can cost big. Not only is brand reputation at stake, but your hard-earned dollars can quickly fly out the…

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3 Surprising Benefits for CEOs Using Document Collaboration Tools

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Modern CEOs are tasked with a diverse range of roles and responsibilities. The need to be in many places at once while managing vast quantities of data from multiple departments means long, high-pressure workdays. Despite the fact that the business world is getting more complex every day, tools have emerged to help manage many of the most time-consuming workflows. Primarily,…

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Facebook Messenger App Adds Risk to Collaboration

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Facebook, the social network that boasts more than a billion worldwide users, recently announced that it will require users to have the separate Facebook Messenger app in order to use its instant messaging and voice-calling service. While the Facebook Messenger app has been around since 2011, the recently-released version features enhanced communications and productivity features for on-the-go users, and the…

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Target Shows Shocking Costs of Data Breach

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In a recent public disclosure to shareholders, Target has quantified the dollar cost of its heavily-publicized customer data breach in late 2013. Forbes reports the cost at $148 million, bringing a staggering conclusion to the theft of over 40 million credit card numbers. In addition to the larger figure, the company noted that only a small portion is covered by…

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Watch out for Smart Watches in the Workplace

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Smart watches are quickly becoming the next big thing in wearable technology. With bold feature sets and promises of health monitoring and management, employers can expect to see them appearing in the workplace more frequently. While new technology is exciting, there are several important ideas executives must keep in mind to stay on top of potential data security risks. More…

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5 New Smartphones Poised to Challenge BYOD Policies

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The proliferation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies means IT managers are now tasked with chasing down a never-ending supply of new devices and operating systems. Anticipating the needs and preferences of users is their best bet in the fight to maintain data security. To make the job easier, we’ve compiled some of the most important upcoming releases. Apple…

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