Monthly Archives: November 2014

Credit Unions Run the Numbers on the Home Depot Data Breach

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The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) recently collected data from over 500 credit unions regarding the Home Depot data breach. The survey sought to uncover the various effects of the breach – from numbers of affected customers to the total cost to each credit union. The findings paint a clear picture: When it comes to data breaches, credit unions are…

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Cloud Storage Expansion Presents Security Risks for Employers

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Cloud storage and collaboration companies are quickly moving to provide lower cost, higher value services that pull consumers in with tightly integrated service offerings. That presents a big problem for modern organizations concerned with data security. Considering the potential security issues associated with cloud storage and the costs associated with a data breach, employers must be more mindful than ever…

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The Data Breach Butterfly Effect: Credit Unions in Focus

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Major media outlets have big retail data breaches in their crosshairs. While consumer-centric stories featuring millions of lost or stolen records make for good headlines, the collateral damage from a large-scale data breach can be devastating to smaller companies. Credit unions face a particularly disproportionate amount of risk exposure due to the nature of their business. In addition, the relative…

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