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Sony & the Intangible Costs of a Data Breach

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The recent breach of Sony’s email servers has resulted in countless private conversations being exposed to the media, stakeholders, and those orbiting the secretive world of Hollywood. The breach stands in stark contrast to popular media stories on consumer credit cards and stands as a testament to the less tangible costs of a data breach. Emails are leaked and relationships…

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Top 5 Data Security Predictions for 2015

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2014 is already being dubbed “the year of the data breach.” With more companies and records compromised than any time before, it has become apparent that the risks posed by the vast quantities of data we exchange every day are not being managed appropriately. 2015 is a new year and brings a new chance for data owners to dig deep…

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Do You Know What a Data Breach Will Cost You?

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The amount of data the modern organization collects and stores continues to rise each year, as do the number of devices used to access that data and easy solutions for sharing it. Unfortunately, businesses are often unprepared to properly secure all of that data, leaving themselves vulnerable to one of the most pernicious threats faced by modern companies today –…

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