3 Surprising Benefits for CEOs Using Document Collaboration Tools

Image via Shutterstock.com

Image via Shutterstock.com

Modern CEOs are tasked with a diverse range of roles and responsibilities. The need to be in many places at once while managing vast quantities of data from multiple departments means long, high-pressure workdays. Despite the fact that the business world is getting more complex every day, tools have emerged to help manage many of the most time-consuming workflows. Primarily, secure document collaboration tools provide useful, intuitive features for CEOs on the move, which can give the CEO the most valuable gift of all: more time in the day. Read on for three key ways document collaboration software can save CEOs time and money.

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings
According to a recent study from the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School, CEOs spend “roughly 18 hours of a 55-hour workweek in meetings,” with the number increasing based on the number of direct reports to the CEOs surveyed. That substantial amount of time has to do with the CEO’s responsibility for managing complex processes, providing input, and checking up on progress.

Mobile mania
In recent years, the smartphone has improved the lives of traveling CEOs the world over. Checking email, receiving important phone calls, and participating in conference calls from the road means key executives can virtually be in many places at once, and vacation (however fleeting) becomes a distinct possibility. Digital collaboration tools allow CEOs to take that learned behavior to the next level by filtering documents that require review, offering feedback from afar, and providing a window into important ongoing projects without ever stepping foot into the office.

Security without the hassle
The age of data breaches is upon us, causing CEOs to think twice about transmitting sensitive information digitally. Cloud-based or not, human error and manual protocols are two main factors that expose companies to a high risk of data breaches. Secure collaboration software can reduce – and even eliminate – CEO anxiety through intelligent and automated enforcement of security policies, watermarking of sensitive documents, and capturing audit logs for file access and modification all without getting in the way of productivity. Efficient, secure collaboration happens when employees are able to use a system intuitively and at every step of their workflows.

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