Big Picture Benefits of Online Collaboration

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Secure document collaboration allows employee groups to quickly and easily work together from any location with an Internet connection. The technology is being adopted by smart organizations that want to add efficiency, alleviate pressure, and accelerate turnaround time. Here are a few things to consider to help you understand some of the big picture benefits of finding an online collaboration solution that works for you.

Manage multiple projects and documents from a single dashboard
Managers are tasked with a difficult challenge: Managing multiple complex projects and documents without a single view to understand progress, roadblocks, and commentary from collaborators. A good collaboration solution will solve this problem by providing a single area where project owners can manage their responsibilities and oversee collaboration.

Keep teams connected even while on the road
Between travelling executives, vacations, and flexible workspaces, modern organizations face tough times getting groups together. Projects can be delayed by days or even weeks waiting for that open calendar slot where everyone can be in the room together. Online document collaboration solutions help to keep stakeholders in the loop while on the road and thus maintain project momentum. But while collaborating on the road, remember to keep connections secure!

Get the full view with comprehensive reporting
Collaborating on documents today can often lead to time wasted retracing who contributed what or reviewing old, outdated versions. These processes are made much easier when an automated system is recording how a document has been updated so that you don’t have to. By leaving an audit trail for access, changes, and shares, document owners can quickly pull the necessary reports to make key decisions and evaluate group contributions.

Maintain security in the face of an insecure world
Secure document storage and collaboration solutions invite users to share documents without risking human error. Simple-to-use features such as watermarks, timed access control, and automated protocols for sharing help reduce the risk of data breaches. After all, what good is online document collaboration if employees are not empowered to quickly and securely share content with their teammates and collaborators?

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