Does Candy Crush Saga Threaten Corporate Data?


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Smartphones are mandatory for the modern enterprise. Ubiquitous use of mobile devices by everyone from executives to interns has led to more collaboration, real-time updates, and a seemingly endless series of security holes for IT to plug. While many employees take a few minutes out of each day to tap away at Candy Crush Saga, others are using apps to share data and collaborate, exposing them to a number of risks.

Some of the most popular smartphone apps have security flaws that could jeopardize your corporate data. Some apps even have features that encourage employees to upload sensitive files to insecure cloud-based environments.

Feature or malware?
In the age of NSA surveillance, our blinders have been lifted as to how much information is collected and stored on smartphones. Depending on the employee, that’s everything from email exchanges to sensitive HR records.

Cloud storage implications
Apps rely on cloud-based storage solutions to avoid eating up valuable smartphone storage space while providing access to wide bodies of data. Unfortunately for many companies, employees uploading data to the cloud through apps is less than secure, and in many cases the app may not even ask permission to do so.

What now?
Taking the next step means educating your people on the vulnerabilities of smartphones and how to safely manage communications while on the road. It’s also worthwhile to review solutions to help encourage collaboration in a safe environment. After all, if it isn’t simple, employees will opt for the less secure solution that offers a more elegant experience.

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