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Why Do Hackers Like My Personal Accounts?

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In the wake of CISA, many cybersecurity experts have been touting the fatal flaw of the proposed bill not as privacy, but rather its inability to prevent attacks. A recent piece on The Intercept describes how many of the large attacks that occurred recently were a result of factors that CISA would not prevent, like inside jobs, out-of-date servers, weaknesses…

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Venom Vulnerability Exposes Cloud Insecurities

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When you store your data in the cloud, the reality is that it usually lives on a server within a massive data center made up of many servers. Each server generally hosts multiple virtual machines that act as separate environments for individual accounts, allowing the provider to store your data in a way that keeps it segregated from other people’s…

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Box and Dropbox Expose User Data Putting Your Employees and Company at Risk

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Employees are using insecure solutions to share sensitive private data, and the security cracks are getting bigger every day. It is now known that Box and Dropbox have exposed documents such as tax returns, mortgage applications, and personal finance information due to weak default security configurations combined with user error. Noted security blogger Graham Cluley recently stated, “If you are…

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