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Venom Vulnerability Exposes Cloud Insecurities

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When you store your data in the cloud, the reality is that it usually lives on a server within a massive data center made up of many servers. Each server generally hosts multiple virtual machines that act as separate environments for individual accounts, allowing the provider to store your data in a way that keeps it segregated from other people’s…

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Credit Unions Concerned, Unprepared for Insider Threats

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AT&T just got the bill for its insider data breach, and it’s in the ballpark of a $25 million civil penalty settled in conjunction with the FCC. In 2013 and 2014, employees at call centers in Mexico, Colombia, and the Philippines used proprietary network information to gain unauthorized access to PII (personally identifiable information) for more than 275,000 customers and…

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How and Why to Protect Your PII

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What is PII? Personally identifiable information, or PII, is a common term in information security and privacy law denoting any information that can be used to identify an individual – alone or in context with other information. PII can be used by hackers and malicious parties to steal or exploit an individual’s identity, and with the high frequency of data…

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NCUA Butts Heads with Credit Unions, Vendors

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Debbie Matz, the Chair of the National Credit Union Administration, recently called for greater vendor regulation and oversight for credit unions in the U.S, out of a fear that vendor vulnerability could compromise credit union data. Her fear is founded, since vendor vulnerability has been the cause of multiple major data breaches, but credit unions have spoken up against greater…

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Is Apple Pay Just What Credit Unions Are Looking for?

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Apple Pay now has around 90 banks and credit unions signed up to support Apple Pay in some way, and credit unions make up nearly half of that list. Credit Union Magazine attributes the high percentage to “the credit union movement’s commitment to remaining relevant and increasing its growth momentum.” In other words, credit unions have a mission to serve…

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A Global Look at Cybersecurity

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Last year, McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies published a report on the cost of cybercrime, estimating the annual cost to the global economy to be over $400 billion. The U.S., China, Japan, and Germany account for $200 billion of that. With the State of the Union address and ensuing changes in cybersecurity regulations in the U.S.,…

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How Did the State of the Union Address Cybersecurity?

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If you have any interest in cybersecurity, recent data breaches, or data protection, you were probably anxious to hear what President Obama would cover in his State of the Union address last week. I recently wrote a brief summary of the recent events leading up to the flurry of legislative talk about cybersecurity – from the Sony hack in November…

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What’s Behind the Push for Cybersecurity Legislation?

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President Obama is adamantly pushing to standardize how data breaches are reported to consumers and stakeholders at the federal level, potentially ending decades of state-specific policy that varies wildly from state to state. Tuesday night’s State of the Union address solidified cybersecurity’s place in the list of current national priorities, but there was an astonishing lack of attention paid to…

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Top 5 Data Security Predictions for 2015

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2014 is already being dubbed “the year of the data breach.” With more companies and records compromised than any time before, it has become apparent that the risks posed by the vast quantities of data we exchange every day are not being managed appropriately. 2015 is a new year and brings a new chance for data owners to dig deep…

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