Do You Know What a Data Breach Will Cost You?


The amount of data the modern organization collects and stores continues to rise each year, as do the number of devices used to access that data and easy solutions for sharing it. Unfortunately, businesses are often unprepared to properly secure all of that data, leaving themselves vulnerable to one of the most pernicious threats faced by modern companies today – the data breach. In 2013 alone, over 2,100 data breaches were publicly reported amongst large companies – an increase of nearly 100% from 2012. 2014 has seen a continuous stream of headline-making data breaches, indicating that there will be another significant uptick in the number of reported data breaches for this year. But what does a data breach really cost a company? Are some industries more at risk than others? What reliable options are out there for ramping up data security?

With these questions and more in mind, we’ve compiled our data breach research so that you can make an educated decision about where data security fits into your priorities. In addition to detailing the major factors that play into risk of a data breach (BYOD policies and use of cloud storage tools, for example) and the different areas where a data breach can really start adding up (legal fees, brand reputation, etc.), we’ve also included a cost calculator so that you can estimate what a data breach could cost your business specifically. Use your industry and company size to calculate the dollar amount that different data breach scenarios could cost your company, then use that information to tighten up your security policies or to get internal support for implementing a secure file-sharing solution like Arc.

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