Choosing the Right Software for Cross-Platform Success

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Once upon a time, when you selected software for your company, it only needed to run on one type of device. Now, your employees are using many different devices with different operating systems to do their work throughout the day. When it comes to software, the future is cross-platform.

A Typical 21st Century Workday
Think about your typical day. You wake up in the morning and check your work email on your smartphone before you even walk out the door. On the train to the office, you take out your tablet and read a white paper that you downloaded the day before. Once at the office, you open up your laptop and start poring over spreadsheets. Just in the first few hours of the day, you have accessed your work on three different pieces of technology.

The Word of the Day is: “Cross-Platform”
As you access your work via an ever-increasing number of platforms, the software you use for your business needs to become more adaptable. It is no longer acceptable that a website you use in your everyday business life is not mobile-optimized. When you open a website or a piece of software, that website or software needs to be just as usable on a laptop, tablet, or smart-phone. When it comes time to invest in software that your employees will access from a variety of devices, it is essential that the software is cross-platform.

There are many solutions for multi-platform accessibility, from cloud storage to systems for unified access to secure files. By implementing a secure collaboration solution and the policies to back it up, your employees can access what they need to do their work from the platform of their choice.

And the Truth is…
When you invest in cross-platform software, you make your company more adaptable. Your employees will be able to do their work more effectively when their access to said software is optimized. An investment in cross-platform technology is truly an investment in overall workplace productivity.

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