Arc will change the way you do business.


Arc is a simple, secure file-sharing application for SharePoint and Windows that is loaded with tools to help you simplify collaboration and secure company data. Unlike other solutions, content remains on your system and under your control. Our secure technology enables you to collaborate with the outside world from the safety of your local environment. With Arc, you’ll never worry about insecure duplication, sharing, or printing.   

Content Never Lost in the Cloud

With Arc, your files never leave your control. Content will never be lost in any cloud or third-party server because it’s always safe on your local environment.



Secure Portal for Collaborators

External collaborators are given access to your content through our secure Arc Portal, allowing them to view, download, or update content while giving you powerful monitoring tools.

Time-Saving Plugins

Arc Integrates perfectly with Windows and SharePoint, allowing you to simply right-click and share your local content.



Share Documents and Folders

You can share single files or entire folders to external collaborators with ease.

Monitor and Control What You Share


You Share, You Choose

Choose how you want to share content: read only, read-and-write, or as a secure PDF with options to prevent copying, pasting, and printing.


Full Control

Manage, modify, or unshare previously shared content directly from Windows or SharePoint.


Custom Access Levels

Provide unique access levels for each shared file and recipient. Set expiration dates, view limits, and download limits, or prevent recipients from sharing your content.


Share & Restrict

Customize and share additional metadata for your content, such as the original creator, creation date, or file size.

Powerful Administrator Tools

Full Monitoring

Monitor what is being shared, edited, and downloaded within the Arc Portal, then export Audit Logs as a PDF or CSV.

Stay Informed

Receive automatic notifications when users view or download shared files.

Choose Sharing Locations

Limit sharing to specific users and defined file locations.

Secure Confidential Data

Configure automatic Data Loss Prevention (DLP) scans to identify confidential information such as Social Security numbers, birthdays, or telephone numbers.

Free Tech Support

Receive free, live tech support from expert, Chicago-based software engineers.

Easy Installation

Deploy Arc quickly and easily across your system. Arc’s firewall-friendly technology integrates with your infrastructure.

Designed with You in Mind


Easy Updating

Collaborators can easily upload new versions of files, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple, outdated versions. Arc is a great FTP alternative.


Customized Shared Files

Create custom messages, add custom watermarks, and apply header or footer stamps.


Simple & Modern Interface

Arc’s modern interface was designed with ease-of-use in mind, so you can focus on the task at hand.  


Brand Your Portal

Apply your logo and customize the Arc Portal to reflect your unique corporate identity.