Google Developer Conference Places Mobile Security at Center Stage

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Google is taking on the challenge of offering a more secure corporate mobile environment. At the recent Google I/O Developer Conference, new features were introduced to spur corporations to use mobile devices for business. Though this built-in mobile device security could alleviate some IT headaches, truly secure enterprise file-sharing and collaboration requires more than mobile device compliance.

John Chen, CEO of Blackberry, recently summarized the news in a blog post.

Chen notes, “You might’ve seen the news: at Google’s I/O developer conference today, the company said it would do several things to boost Android’s security. Most prominently, this includes separating work and personal apps and data in coming versions of Android by leveraging Samsung’s KNOX containerization technology.

I’m delighted by this first step. The need to improve Android’s security was clear. And it validates what we at BlackBerry have been saying all along about the potential perils that businesses face in the BYOD era.”

While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have grown in popularity, so too have the risks associated with file-sharing and collaboration. Complex systems, policy failures, and human error have contributed to large corporate data breaches and costly negative publicity.

While Google’s recent announcement doesn’t provide the entire solution, it does demonstrate how important security has become in an age increasingly dominated by connectivity. Implementing a simple, automated, and compliant enterprise file-sharing and collaboration system that covers all data and devices is the only sure way to maintain control while still enabling employees to work more efficiently.

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