Become Your Own Project Zero Hero

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Google’s recently announced Project Zero is seeking to tighten data security on the web by hunting out and exterminating bugs. The elite team of hackers is being assembled as both a proactive force to make the Internet a safer place and as an advanced product research and development team for future Google products. While the benefits of such an initiative will likely take years to be realized, you can take some of Google’s best practices into the workplace for an immediate security upgrade. Read on for our 4 steps to becoming a Project Zero Hero.

1. Identify your goals
We all want a secure corporate environment. But how do you define the smaller steps it takes to reach that milestone? Your security goals should be both actionable and trackable. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Clearly define data policies and procedures with security in mind.
  • Reduce personal cloud-based storage use to zero within the next year.
  • Implement a file-sharing and collaboration tool with policy automation.

2. Build your team
Based on the goals you need to accomplish, build your stealth team of experts to implement the project (even if you are the only team member, thinking of yourself as part of a team will help maintain focus). Team members don’t have to be elite hackers. Much of the work that needs to be done to implement better security and collaboration in a small- to medium-sized company comes from tasks like composing solid policies and procedures.

3. Implement your plan
Putting the plan into motion means educating the organization on what’s changing, rolling out the changes in a manageable way, and then working to keep users compliant. Ideally, the plan helps you maintain order by implementing a secure collaboration solution that automates compliance standards. Yes, these tools exist, and yes, your organization can afford them.

4. Maintain momentum
Enforcing best practices in data security can be challenging, especially when new tools and devices are entering the corporate mix regularly. Holding regular meetings and sharing data breach post-mortems (especially for other companies in your industry; learn from the mistakes of others!) can help keep data security top of mind. If you are in a regulated industry, sharing the latest updates from governing bodies with a plain language translation can go a long way to bridging the gap.

Project Zero is making the Internet more secure, but companies will need to take up the charge of providing a safe environment for file transfer and collaboration. The good news is you can start the process today and bring a new level of security to any environment.

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