3 Ways Data Breaches Have Changed Customer Behavior

Image via Shutterstock.com

Image via Shutterstock.com

Data breaches in the media have your customers thinking differently about their information. With each new incident, customers of all types become more disillusioned with data collection, presenting barriers to use and in many cases preferences for brands with well-communicated security standards. Start thinking like customers do if you want to understand how simple changes can impact customer preference and loyalty. Here’s our list of top customer behaviors that may impact your business:

Disabling saved logins on websites and apps
While cookies and saved login information are super-helpful for the customers, they are increasingly seen as unsafe. Because apps and websites often make logging in a key component of a user’s experience, making sure the process is as straightforward as possible is critical to maintaining loyalty.

Use of credit cards combined with saving every receipt
By utilizing credit cards, customers protect themselves from fraudulent transactions. Making sure the company is set up to process these kinds of transactions may be important in order to garner future customers. Companies that require expansive information and payments via wire transfer or direct deduction might be missing out on future business.

Searching for security standards before transacting
Customers may be looking for two-factor authentication, security badges, and reviews on websites like the Better Business Bureau and Yelp. If a company is absent or fails to apply visual cues that indicate a care for customer data, security-conscious customers may look elsewhere. Companies should even consider adding a security statement to their website to show customers how problems are handled should a data breach occur.

Getting ahead of customer behaviors can make a big impact, differentiating a business from competitors and demonstrating appreciation for sensitive customer data. The best-positioned firms will proactively show how they take care of information and in turn, take care of their customers.

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