Industry Alert: Law Firms Pressured to Boost Data Security

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In the wake of massive public data breaches like Heartbleed, law firms are moving quickly to address data security and the policies that govern it. The sensitive data stored on servers and in the daily communications of law practices are alluring target for data bandits, who bank on acquiring specialized information for sale or misuse. Law firms that cannot quickly demonstrate improved security measures for client data may face a loss of business as media outlets continue to push data breach stories.

Though Heartbleed has mainstreamed the issue, the US government has had its eye on law firms for several years. Since 2011, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been holding private meetings with law firms around the country to educate them on the risks of data breaches. But proactive implementation of new data security policies has been spotty at best, and many small to mid-sized firms remain exposed to the most basic forms of data theft.

Every law firm – especially small to mid-sized firms relying on less secure and more affordable file collaboration software like Google Drive – should have an active solution to the core elements of data security. The good news? It’s never been easier and less expensive to implement new, totally secure options for communicating with clients, partners, and within organizations.

To determine where to start, review a few core elements of data retrieval and storage, and remember that the weakest link in any system is the human element. When clients, partners, and employees don’t follow the rules, everyone is put at risk.

Read our tips to secure your law firm from data breaches.

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