Three Mobile Device Management Realities


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It’s time to upgrade your company’s mobile infrastructure. Before you make the investment, familiarize yourself with some of the high-level issues you may face when making the transition.

You Will Only Upgrade Some of Your Mobile Infrastructure
It’s common to start an upgrade with certain key employees for budget’s and sanity’s sake. It is also possible that only certain employees need upgrades based on the work they do. Regardless, your IT department is going to face some headaches in trying to manage multiple types of devices across your organization. Make sure your mobile management and file collaboration software can handle multiple devices to minimize frustration.

Certain Members of Your Organization Won’t Use Their Devices
Getting people to make a major change is tough. Maybe you have some hotshot employees who want to use their personal mobile devices for business or people who have “always done it that way.” Regardless of the reason, the goal should be to maximize efficiency and control by gradually rolling out to 100% of all enterprise users. Provide thorough training upfront and listen to any complaints your employees may have about the devices. Brief them on security, help them with simple data security checklists, and don’t be afraid to adapt the rollout to address common feedback.

Your Employees Are Using Their Mobile Devices for Personal Use
A certain amount of personal use on a mobile device isn’t the end of the world. If an employee uses their work phone to check the weather or the score of last night’s basketball game, there isn’t any reason to get worked up. However, if an employee spends all day using their company-issued mobile device to play fantasy football or sending personal text messages, their productivity and efficiency are effected. Make sure that you update your company’s mobile policy before you hand out new mobile devices. You need to communicate what is and isn’t appropriate use of a company-issued device before your employees get their hands on said device.

Educate employees on security and how something as benign as sending company documents or sensitive communications over free Starbucks Wi-Fi can put data at risk.

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