Prevent Employees from Walking out with Data Using This Simple Solution

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With the rise of cloud-based storage/collaboration solutions and the growing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, ex-employees are almost certainly walking out of your offices with sensitive corporate data. Those in charge of safeguarding corporate assets – CEOs and CTOs – should be concerned.

Corporate contacts are almost certainly out the door
Bad news for companies concerned about keeping contacts secure: the Rolodex has migrated to the cloud. Employees that use a personal mobile device or connect with their business contacts via social networks will likely walk out with that contact data. While there is not much an employer can do about that reality, maintaining tight control over CRM database information and bulk email provider logins can help safeguard contact data troves.

The big risk posed by cloud storage
It’s no secret that many cloud storage and collaboration solutions fail basic security measures. Beyond those technical risks, corporate leaders must understand that these systems offer a simple and fast way to rapidly remove large quantities of corporate data – often with no trace. The best solution may be to simply block these applications from operating on corporate networks, thus making it more difficult to remove corporate data. Implementing a secure file collaboration solution may also help by providing a system with controls in place.

Looking for red flags in the exit interview
Simply asking about key points of data leakage may help avoid loss. While exit interviews represent a key time to ask employees about corporate data, it never hurts to be prepared. That means revamping IT policies to cover the use of rogue storage and collaboration solutions, while also educating employees on the security risks these services pose.

Implement a system and stick to it
One of the best ways to secure company data from day one is to implement a solution that forces employees through one point of control for file collaboration and exchange. Ensuring that system has the right mix of security and ease-of-use will increase adoption and compliance, and it will greatly reduce the risk of employees easily walking out with sensitive corporate data.

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