Rogue Enterprise File-sharing Systems and the Parable of Netflix

netflix on iphone

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Your company has established file-sharing systems and protocols. You provide ample training time for your employees on said systems and protocols. You think that you have done everything you can and that now your corporate files will be secure. There’s just one problem: in spite of all of the work you’ve done, the majority of your employees are still using rogue file-sharing systems like Google Drive and Dropbox, which are not secure and set you up for potential disaster if a file falls into the wrong hands. What happened, you ask? The answer lies in the parable of Netflix.

Once upon a time, purchasing a video or DVD was the easiest way to watch a movie or TV show. You went to Best Buy, spent thirty dollars, then went home and watched your movie. Then, Netflix and other streaming services came along, and suddenly, the easiest way to watch a movie was to go online, log into Netflix, and watch it there. The only problem was that production companies didn’t make nearly the level of profit from streaming that they did from DVD sales, so they stopped licensing content to Netflix. Did this drive up DVD sales? No. Netflix’s subscribers kept watching Netflix, but instead of watching a marquee new release, they watched, well, something else, even if that something else wasn’t the best piece of content available. Why? Convenience. Regardless of content, Netflix was the most convenient way to watch a movie.

When you set up a file-sharing system within your company, you need to make sure that it isn’t just a secure file-sharing system- it also needs to be the most convenient way for your employees to share content. If it isn’t, your employees will always find the path of least resistance, often compromising on safety and control. You can only achieve your goal of content security if the system you choose meets your employees’ goal of ease-of-use by integrating with their existing workflows.

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