Clear up Cloud Misconceptions with These Tips

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Cloud storage and collaboration solutions promise more convenient ways to share important business data. With an ever-increasing array of applications and simple, even automatic ways to upload data, the cloud has never been more popular.

But does popularity align with security? Check your beliefs against these commonly-held misconceptions about cloud storage and data security.

“Files stay in one place, just like when I save them to my computer hard drive.”
Cloud-based solutions store files in the location most convenient for access – often in large data centers scattered around the globe. Files may live in many places and be moved without your permission. Users have no way of knowing exactly where their files are physically located.

“There are ‘walls’ between other users and me, so I can’t access their files and they can’t access mine.”
In the cloud, files live together. Code dictates who has access to which files, but barriers are fundamentally few and far between, meaning your files and your competitors’ files might live in the same virtual space.

“Policies will protect me if something goes wrong.”
Terms of Use policies are designed to protect – but not in the way you might believe.

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