Three Simple Ways to Demolish Your Silos


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Siloization. In the modern organization, everyone seems to complain about the invisible barriers that prevent collaboration, yet no one ever seems to offer a solution. Often breaking down silos is as simple as implementing tools that reduce friction and the “policy and procedure crush.”

  • File Transfer Software. Invest in high quality and secure file transfer software. Your employees need to be able to transfer data from one person and place to another without worrying about the details. Once you have software, make sure you provide ample training to your employees on its use so they use your secure software and not an insecure rogue network.
  • Foster Community. It may seem counterintuitive, but providing a safe place for employees to gather online can build and strengthen relationships. Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are providing more tools for the enterprise to collaborate and grow. Having a solid, plain language policy on use of social networks can also help stamp out the fear factor and lead to increased adoption.
  • Lunch-and-Learn Webinars. Sometimes siloization occurs because of geography. You have an office in Milwaukee and another in St. Paul. Why not set up once a month lunch-and-learn webinars where your teams teach each other skills that may be applicable to their everyday work? Seeing how other groups operate is often the first step to breaking down barriers and getting meaningful conversations started.

These are just a few ways a savvy executive can use tech to fight siloization. As time goes along, and technology advances, technology will find more, better ways for you and your workforce to collaborate.

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